Welcome to Fight Club

The first rule about fight club: let’s talk about fight club. After ingesting copious amounts of cured meats and exotic dishes from a trip to Calabria (Italy’s southern-most region), I decided to join Asterix. Happy. Fighting. Dumpling is all I have to say at this moment.

The first Saturday “back,” I came prepped with my grappling gloves, hip-hop jams, and a circuit in my head. It was the best 45 minutes I had in a long while – from working roll back squat and modified sprints to playing with the giant tractor tire they have by the speed bag. It felt good to punch something–so, so good.

Monday, I forwent BJJ ( I know, slap my wrist later) to visit a friend for dinner. She’s organizing this event in Torino called Food Revolution Day. She is so organized and on top of it. It’s inspiring to see another person so passionate about a cause.

In other news, I apologize for the hiatus. It’s been an interesting month since coming back from Minnesota. I’ve experienced a lot, and I’ve been trying to make the most of it instead of sharing it with the world. Sometimes the best moments and memories are lived instead of scrawled out on a notepad or typed out in a blog. I realize the semi-hipocracy of this statement by being a blogger, but what’s a rebel without a cause without a rebel of the rebellion?

In other, other news I’ve researched BJJ in Torino, and I think I”ll be making a trip there in the near future. Tonight was my first Muay Thai  kickboxing class. I have found my gym home. We worked a lot of clinch and moves that are similar to BJJ standing days and sparring, which was AWESOME. The shy-girl awkwardness instantly vanished with each knee to the heavy bag. It swung from the ceiling gloriously with every combo thrown. I caught myself smiling as sweat gingerly drenched my hairline. All I need now is for my heavy bag gloves and shin pads to magically transport themselves to Bra.

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