Beer is in the eye of the beholder

There are some cities that leave you with a feeling of unfinished business. It’s a perpetual state of discontent, but not in a sense-of-disgust-vomit-I-need-to-get-out-of-here way. It’s more a resonating with the vibration, this perpetual underground hum, of a city that isn’t the subway clicking beneath your feet. Picking up what I’m throwing down? In any case, this is how Berlin felt for me.

A few months ago (I’m sorry for not being up-to-date on posts), a friend and I went to Munich before spending a week in Berlin. The two couldn’t be more different. Where Munich feels like the buttoned-up version of Germany, Berlin feels like it’s constantly had a rough night. It’s dirty in the most charming sense. It’s messy. There’s broken glass bottles on the ground at every turn. There are punk (music sense, not hooligan sense) fans on the street corner, asking for money to buy weed and beer (hey, at least they’re honest).

It’s in this chaos that we found so much innovation. I think the best part was learning about the food scene in the city. Here are these creative types, like CulinARy MiSfiTS, who found solutions to problems they saw in their area. They weren’t professional do-gooders or vigilantes. They were two designers who wanted to do something about slightly blemished vegetables. So, they created something.

Creation is at the heart of this artistic hub. Somehow the mess also led four females and a 40-year-old man through a day of brewery tours, beer tasting and currywurst. After about 10 beers each within three hours, our dismal attitudes were expectantly more chipper.

Here are more photos from the trip:

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