Food Pun Philosophy

When you put me into a food philosophy class, and ask me to pay attention with only 1.2 weeks left of my masters, things can get a little wonky. Case and point is a recent WhatsApp conversation I had with two fellow students. I’ll call them J and R for now. This is what happened:

(Professor talking about opportunities in food philosophy)

Me (first scribbling in my notebook, then sent to J and R): So, you want to be the next food Plat-o?

R: The worst part of going to a restaurant is when you Kant decide what to do.

Me: Are is to  totle around after a wine infused, full meal (spelled incorrectly, I know).

R: Schrödinger’s problem is being simultaneously full and hungry at the same time.

J: Maybe Schrödinger’s cat is actually feasting inside that box?

Me: One could say he was inside the box because of Freud Fish

R: and lamb is great because it’s Jung.

I think the mic just got dropped… . What food philosophy puns do you have? Leave them in the comments.

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